Beyond compare


Long-fiber makes our composites stronger, lighter, tougher.
So why mess around with anything less?


Unprecedented range of high-performance materials

Long-fiber fabrics bonded with thermoplastic matrix materials

How Long Fiber Changes the Game

Our proprietary CBAM technology is the only AM process that combines long-fiber fabrics (versus short or chopped fiber) of carbon or glass with high-performance thermoplastic matrix materials to make composite parts. Long-fiber (fibers measuring at least 12mm in length), can offer significantly improved performance in strength, toughness and durability, in addition to other properties like dimensional stability and heat and chemical resistance. Long-fiber reinforced composite parts can be used to up-engineer from lower cost plastics, lightweight metal parts or create entirely new parts that aren’t otherwise possible.

The use of long-fiber materials is one of many reasons that makes our composite technology work harder than any other AM technology in the field today.

Material Combinations Available on the Model One

Materials In Development for 2019. Sample Parts Available Now.

  • Carbon Fiber/Nylon 6
  • Carbon Fiber/Glass Fiber/Nylon 12
  • Carbon Fiber/Elastomer
  • Glass Fiber/Elastomer